Wooden Pieces


" Back in 2002 I started off building roof trusses and wall panels in a factory in North Jackson, Ohio. Soon after I was accepted into an electrical apprenticeship and spent a decade of my time traveling and leading crews around the area. In my off time remolding spaces for clients and flipping homes are what I truly enjoyed. I have an ability to see the spaces complete and I use that to your advantage when we discuss maximizing your usability and planning a project budget. I started Absolutely Custom Closets and Home Solutions LLC after realizing there was a need in the area for a company to offer high end home storage solutions, completely custom to your needs,  and at a fraction of what the other big names charge for the same quality. Working one on one with our clients every step of the way from design to install, making areas of your home more organized and useful, and adding real value to your home are just a few of the things that we love to provide to you. Any questions you may have feel free to reach out anytime...Hope to speak with you soon and have the opportunity to show you what we are all about!"


Matt Brown - Owner 

Tool Wall